Research Themes

1. Sensor networks applied to agrobiodiversity: is research on sensor networks is used for environmental monitoring and gathering, storing and processing data to develop decision support systems.

2. Biological and computational study and characterization of biological shape, behavior and communication: is research on the isolated individuals or populations tries to explain behavior through biology and computational sciences, including automation, simulation and forecasting.

3. Biodiversity modeling and decision support systems: is research aims to develop computational solutions for biodiversity modeling problems, decision support systems and the study of techniques for biodiversity management.

4. Species identication and biological interactions: molecular and morphological approaches: is research aims to develop and apply computational, molecular and morphological tools for species identication and the storage of molecular and morphological data.

5. Diversication, biogeography, and conservation of the neotropical biota: an integrative approach: is research aims to eloborate and revise groups of organisms and test hypotheses related to biogeographical history and genetic diversication, to provide guidelines for preservation in global changes scenarios.

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